Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the biggest archipelago in the world spread over more than one-tenth of the equator, lies between southeast Asia and Australia, and consists of 34 provinces, an ethnically diverse country with a vast population, of over 275 million.

About  IIPC Abu Dhabi

Indonesia Investment Promotion Centre (IIPC) was established in the year 2011 and we are the part of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia which is having offices around the world to promote investments and business to Indonesia, with IIPC Abu Dhabi representing the entire Middle East and African operations.

IIPC is the arm of the Ministry of Investment/Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board of The Republic of Indonesia (BKPM), to supports the entry and successful establishment of foreign business into Indonesia. Our Abu Dhabi-based office was established to assist businesses from the middle east to grab the opportunity and maximize the benefit of Indonesian investment. We are ready to provide you with our full suite of services to seek out new business opportunities in Indonesia.

IIPC Abu Dhabi is under the supervision of the H.E. Indonesian Ambassador to UAE. Based on the Chairman of BKPM Regulation No. 1 the Year 2016 regarding Overseas Representative of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, Chapter VIII Division of Working Area, Article 20, Paragraph (1), Letter f., “Working Area” of IIPC Abu Dhabi are countries in the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa Regions, with a strong focus to UAE.

Assist And Provide Guidance On Investing In Indonesia.

Investment  Mission To Indonesia And Vice Versa.

Facilitate Business Matchmaking With Potential Indonesian Partners.

Organizing Business Forums Related To Investment Promotion.

Conducting Trade Events And Exibitions.

Giving Assistance To Foreign Companies To Start Up In Indonesia.

Guide Companies For  Selecting Indonesian Business Partners And Vice Versa.

How IIPC Can Help

1.  Assist And Provide Guidance On Investing In Indonesia.

2. Investment Mission To Indonesia And Vice Versa.

3. Facilitate Business Matchmaking With Potential Indonesian Partners.

4. Organizing Business Forums Related To Investment Promotion.

5. Giving Assistance To Foreign Companies To Start Up In Indonesia.

6. Guide Companies For  Selecting Indonesian Business Partners And Vice Versa.

Why Indonesia

16th Largest & Growing Economy

4th Most Populous Country

Young And Tech Savvy Population

BBB/Stable BAA2/Stable Rating



Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. In 2018, Indonesia joined the Trillion Dollar Club. Countries with a GDP of more than USD 1 trillion per year, and the year they joined.

Indonesian economy in the second quarter of 2021 gained positive growth for the first time since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, amounting to 7.07% (YoY)

Underlying Indonesia’s vibrant economy is political stability. Since emerging from decades of autocratic rule 17 years ago, Indonesia has succeeded in maintaining political stability in a young democratic country.



Following Indonesia's economic resilience during and after the global financial crisis, the government is going to continue reforming the investment climate to make it a safe and attractive investment destination.

Indonesia abounds with natural resource extractions from being a major producer of liquefied natural gas and expanding of the mining industry. Petroleum and mineral make up the majority of exports.


Indonesia is undergoing a major structural shift namely demographic bonus. The percentage of productive age group in 2025-2035 would dominate the population.


As the 4th biggest population in the world, more than 53% of the people live in urban areas with a modern lifestyle and increasing purchasing power.


Indonesia is playing a more dominant role in global affairs. It is Southeast Asia’s only member of the G-20 and an active voice for the developing world’s concerns.

Invest In

Indonesia With

3 Steps

How to Invest in Indonesia

1.  Understanding The Regulations

The government has put relentless effort into streamlining the investment regulations in Indonesia. Two basic regulations for foreign investors to look at are the Chairman BKPM Regulation Number 1 the year 2020 regarding the procedure integrated investment services which cover the minimum investment allowed for foreign investors are IDR 10 billion (equivalent USD 700 thousand or AED 2.5 million) and Presidential Decree Number 44 the Year 2016 re sector closed and open with requirements for foreign direct investment.

2. Choosing The Location

In order to choose the location, the investor will need to consider several aspects in line with the investment plan. First the proximity with the raw material and source of the production, second the market, and the supporting infrastructure both physical infrastructure as well as the availability of human resources or labor.

3. Submitting The Application

The last step will be to submit the application. In order to submit the application through, the investor should consult with us like the arms of the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.

Consult With Us

Indonesia Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) Abu Dhabi office is a government agency as the official Representative of the Ministry of Investment/Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) for the entire in the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa Regions Middle East and African operations. It provides free consulting services on Indonesia investment opportunities, and procedures, and helps to find potential local partners for the investors.

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